Re-discover Your Youth with Botox & Fillers

Botox® Providers Omaha, NE

Onabotulinum toxin A, more commonly known as the Allergan product Botox®, is a purified protein that is injected into muscles and is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure in the U.S. The medication is injected into a specific muscle and acts to temporarily stop nerve impulses that fire that specific muscle into action. When used for cosmetic purposes, Botox ® makes people look more natural, relaxed, and feel better about themselves. It is growing in popularity among young adults in an effort to prevent wrinkles on your face, including your forehead. Muscles adapt to lengths at which they are chronically held and permanently realign. By treating wrinkle prone areas prior to the onset of deep wrinkles, muscles can be retrained thereby preventing those annoying wrinkles and maintaining a youthful appearance.

In addition to treating wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet, Botox® can also be used in treatment of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain. When administered into facial muscles such as the masseter, Botox® can help reduce or eliminate clenching thereby helping to reduce TMJ and facial pain.

It is essential that Botox® is administered by the appropriate professionals who have received proper training. As with other medications, Botox® does have risks but those risks are very minimal when administered in proper dosage by a trained professional. There is a rise in the number of dentists in Omaha and across the country receiving Botox® training due to the familiarity with the head and neck region. To inquire about Omaha Botox® or to enroll in a Botox Educational Seminar at Whitten Dentistry contact us at or call 402.397.9330.

Injectable Filler

Juvéderm®, Juvéderm Voluma®, and Radiesse® are injectable fillers used in the cheeks and lower face region to soften deep folds, restore volume, and reduce wrinkles. Juvéderm® is a hyaluronic acid often mixed with a topical anesthetic, lidocaine, and is typically used around the nose and mouth. Patients who receive Juvéderm® filler often notice results lasting from 9 months to 1 year. Juvéderm Voluma® is also a hyaluronic acid filler mixed with lidocaine and is manufactured using special Vycross™ technology. Voluma is designed for the cheeks and mid-face to correct fullness and add volume. Radiesse® is also a dermal filler which is used to smooth moderate to severe wrinkles by adding volume, and is most frequently used in the creases located between the nose and the corner of the mouth. Radiesse®, a Merz Aesthetics product, can also be administered with lidocaine to help reduce treatment pain and enjoy the immediate, long-lasting results.