A crown, or cap as it is sometimes called, is a common dental restoration that is placed when there is too much damage to a tooth to place a filling. Crowns can be all metal, all-porcelain, or a combination of both and cover the entire surface of a tooth. While we strive to be conservative there are some circumstances when the placement of a crown is necessary. Possible indications for the tooth crown Omaha NE needs include: broken teeth, existing crowns with cavities around them, and decay that damages so much of the tooth that a filling cannot be placed.

Crown placement is a two-step process. The first visit includes preparing the surface of the tooth that the crown will attach to. Sometimes this means placing a filling, or build-up, to provide a stable surface on which the crown will sit. An impression is also taken so that our in-office ceramist can make the tooth look, feel, and function like your natural tooth. A temporary crown is then placed for you to wear until your permanent crown is ready. Your second visit involves removing the temporary crown and placement and cementation or bonding of the permanent crown. Unlike other offices, our ceramist is intricately involved from the beginning to the end of a crown to make sure that fit, color, and appearance are just right.

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